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What services do you offer?
We offer the following services:
Dry cleaning, which includes special services for delicate garments and wedding dresses. We also offer a hydrocarbon service.
We also offer basic laundry services.
Unlike some dry cleaners we provide alterations for garments and have a highly qualified tailor to fulfil your requirements.
Lastly we offer shoe repair.

Are you experienced dry cleaners?
On an unbiased note we are happy to say that we are experienced dry cleaners. We have experience of over 15 years and are somewhat experts in this field. We have a group of well trained staff to work with your garments and hand finish them to the best of standards. Not to forget that we are a well established company with branches around London. We also deal with some of the best hotels in London like Marriott and Royal garden hotel. furthermore we have dealt with celebrities, providing our services and expertise to them, meeting their required standards and expectations with no complaints. This therefore proves that we are able to deal and understand customer needs to the highest of standards.



How do i place my order and is there a pick up and delivery charge?
You can place your order over the phone or on the website. Collection and delivery for us is absolutely free of charge.

When can you pick-up and collect my order?
We have drivers available 7 days of the week. So pick up is not an issue at all. We are flexible and ready to pick up whenever is convenient for you.

What areas do Masterclean cover?
We are mostly based around London.

Does it take long to place an order and can i re-schedule my time?
It does not take long to place an order it is very quick and we attend to your needs ASAP. Re-scheduling appointments is also not a problem with us and we will be happy to change to whatever is better for you.

I missed my scheduled pick up and/or delivery time, what happens?
This is not a problem at all for us and for you either. We will simply phone you and help to re-schedule a more convenient time for you that you will be able to attend to.

What if I have miscounted the items?
This is nothing to worry about as we will check and contact you and work out a solution which is convenient and rational.

Can i add or remove items from my order?
Yes. Just hand over anything additional to the driver and we will sort it out for you.


Items to be cleaned

Do you clean any garments?
We usually take all garments for cleaning and try are upmost best to clean them with the highest of standards but if we feel the items could be damaged, you’ll be informed and required to sign a risk letter.

Can you process very delicate items?
Yes we can. We have very high performance machines which allow us to deal with delicate items such as silk and expensive materials.

Do I need to separate my dry cleaning and laundry into colours and whites?
No you do not! we will sort that out for you and save you the troubles of doing so.

I don’t know how some items should be cleaned, what do I do?
Do not worry! We have our specialists to check the garment and decide on the best option on your behalf.

Can you remove the stain on my items?
Most stains can be removed, however if our technicians believe that the fabric is at risk from stain removal treatment, we may refer the matter back to you and ask for consent to proceed. There are some situations where stains cannot be removed. We still tend to try our upmost best to remove the stains.


Payment & Feedback

What types of payment do you take?
We do not accept american express. Apart from that we take all other online payments.

How safe is worldpay and can I remove my payments details from worldpay?
World Pay is 100% safe. You can visit there website https://www.worldpay.com/uk for more details. We currently use world pay for credit/debit card processing per transaction, rather than creating customer accounts through world pay. If your transaction is not charged after pick up, it will simply expire and remain uncharged.


What if our garments get damaged in the process? 
This is extremely rare and never usually happens. In the worst case scenario we will look into it and try our best to compensate accordingly.

What if my item gets misplaced?
In the rare scenario of such an event we will try our best to locate your garment and if not then we will again try to compensate accordingly.

Where do I go if i need to complain?
Contact us on order@mastercleandrycleaner.co and we will attend to the issue as quickly as we can with a solution to help you. 
Contact us
where can i contact you for any problems our enquires?
Contact us at cs@masterdrycleaner.co.uk or phone us at 020 7328 5621 - 07950 455241.

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